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California Yacht Club Junior Sailing 

California Yacht Club’s year-round Junior Sailing Program has its emphasis on racing. Our program utilizes the single-handed Optimist Dinghy for our younger participants and the double-handed Club Flying Junior or spinnaker equipped Club 420 for our older teen sailors. The Program meets on weekends and attends local, regional, and national regattas throughout the year. The program emphasizes focus on personal responsibility and the principles of Corinthian yachting excellence. These skills are highly valued at high schools with sailing programs and the best Colleges and Universities.Our Junior Sailing Calendar lists all events and practices. We will also send out weekly emails to keep everyone informed on what's going on! 

Opti Race Team

Green Fleet

The Optimist Green Fleet is for members (8-15) who have completed CYC summer camp or a similar program, or are beginner racers. In the Green Fleet, young sailors are taught sail trim, sailboat racing, rules, tactics, and basic strategies. Expect to attend approximately one regatta per month mostly within an hour’s travel time from the Club.

Championship Fleet

Optimist Championship Fleets are age groups that Green fleet sailors move to once having become proficient at racing. White Fleet is for skippers under the age of 10. Blue fleet is for skippers who are 11 or 12. Red fleet is for skippers aged between 13 and 15. Sailors are coached in small groups and are supported with coaches and motorboats at designated regattas.

Team Racing

For experienced Opti sailors who are ready to compete at the highest level. All share the same passion for sailing, and this format allows them to improve their tactics and strategy. The sailors become exposed to a strong team atmosphere.

Laser Race Team

The Laser Race Team and the Double Handed Team are the placement options for the more accomplished Optimist Race Team sailors who have aged out of or are too big for the Optimist class. Sailors must show competence in boat-handling and have knowledge of rules and tactics.

The Laser Team is made up of individuals who are already experienced racers and are looking to improve on their skippering skills in single-handed boats. Sailors on the team use their own boats, practicing and competing in either the Laser Radial or Full Rig classes at local, regional, and national events. Emphasis is put on advanced boat-handling and strength, two vital components to successful sailing in a Laser.

Double Handed Race Team

The Double Handed Race Team places emphasis on the development of racing skills and teamwork in competition while using a trapeze and spinnaker. The sailors travel to local, regional and national events, including the Junior Olympics, Youth Championships and US Sailing Championships in the Summer, and Orange Bowl and 420 Midwinters in the Winter.

Recreational Sailing

Racing is not for everyone. For those sailors who want to continue learning how to sail and keep it as a lifelong skill, but who do not want to be competitive California Yacht Club offers recreational sailing classes.

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