Welcome to the CYC Rowing Club. CYC is a great place to row with its pleasurable surroundings, good water and diverse membership.

California Yacht Club was established in 1922 and boated its' first competitive rowing team back in the 1930's. In 1977, after a long hiatus, Stan Mullin, Ken Jacobs and Charles Hathaway reactivated rowing at the Club. CYC rowers now number about 60, and represent all abilities, ages and motivations. Our rowers range from recreational and juniors to those training intensely for national competitions. Most of our rowers scull on a day-to-day basis, although our sweep program is strong as well. In addition to our flat-water rowers, we have a dedicated group of open-water rowers who enjoy the entire Santa Monica Bay. For those interested in competing, CYC crews have done extremely well in all types of competitions around the country.


Most members own their own boats. The Club, however, maintains a fleet of boats intended to provide members an opportunity to learn, train and compete. We have Concept II ergometers and some free weights. The Club also has 4 paddle tennis courts and a large swimming pool. There is also a full shower/locker room with a sauna.


There are scheduled coaching and video sessions throughout the year.
Private coaching sessions may be arranged with our Head Rowing coach, Craig Leeds, who may be contacted via email by clicking HERE.


California Yacht Club has an active Junior Program for boys and girls ages 13-18. They need not be members of CYC to join the Program. For more information, please click on 'Junior Rowing' from the drop down menu or contact Craig Leeds, CYC Junior Rowing Head Coach by clicking HERE.

Club Regattas

CYC will host its annual Head of the Marina Regatta on Sunday, November 3, 2019. It is a 5,000 meter race within Marina del Rey harbor. For more information please contact Craig Leeds When available, this year's entry may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

For many years California Yacht Club hosted the 32-nautical mile open water rowing regatta, the Catalina Crossing. This race was between the Isthmus of Catalina and California Yacht Club's guest dock in Marina del Rey. The race began the year after Charles Hathaway rowed his 300-pound fixed-seat dory Fritz across the Catalina Channel in celebration of his 50th birthday. 2011 marked the 35th anniversary of his feat and CYC hosted a commemorative row and gala brunch in celebration on the week.end of July 30-31. There are no present plans for this race.


California Yacht Club is located in Marina del Rey, which is about 15 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. We are just north of LAX and south of Santa Monica. Marina del Rey is a man-made harbor that provides us with a three-mile loop course on which to row. We also make use of Ballona Creek, which is a manmade tidal channel that offers a straight 2000-meter marked course. For ocean rowers, Santa Monica Bay offers many great places to go.


For more information on joining the Club, please email or call Sallie Wolcott in our Membership Department.  Her email address is and her phone number is (310) 823-4567 x2777.

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