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The Radio Amateur Group (RAG) at California Yacht Club provides many valuable services to the Club and to the greater community, and also supports the amateur radio operators (“hams”) at the Club.

On behalf of CYC, the RAG provides communications and support for CYC sail, power fleet, and racing activities. The RAG operates the K6CYC repeater on the Westside of Los Angeles, with a frequency of 147.030 (+), 127.3 PL. More information can be found on the RepeaterBook page, below..

On behalf of the cruising community at large, the RAG maintains an active Winlink Trimode HF station, allowing boaters from all along the West Coast of the U.S.A. to send e-mail messages and receive critical weather information. The RAG has its own multi-radio HF/VHF/UHF voice, packet, and data station with a club call sign of K6CYC, and has been in continuous operation since 1984. The RAG also provides weather data and a weather camera available to the general public to learn about real-time conditions in the Marina.

Each year, the RAG offers several events for the Club, including ham license instruction and testing (“VE” sessions), participation in Field Day (4th weekend in June), and open houses to demonstrate the RAG’s equipment and encourage CYC members to learn more about amateur radio and participate in RAG activities.

The RAG also strongly urges all CYC members who have amateur licenses to participate in the Club's regattas. Members from our group are available to handle communications for all Club activities and instruct others on how to help.

If any member is interested in obtaining an amateur radio license, or learning more about the RAG and seeing a demonstration of the hobby, please send us an email or contact the CYC Front Desk at (310) 823-4567.

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