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California Yacht Club welcomes you to join the fun on race committee!

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Each year CYC hosts 20 or more regattas, most of which are held on weekends.  These events are staffed entirely by volunteers.  It takes a small army to host these regattas and we welcome your help as a race committee volunteer.

What do you do on race committee?

The race committee is responsible for the management of the race - setting the marks, conducting the start sequence, and recording finishes.

I've never done race committee before, do I need experience?

No - you do not need prior experience, you don't even have to know how to sail!  You just need to be willing to commit to a day on the water - we'll give you all the training you need "on the job".  We also host training sessions at the club for those that want a better idea of what race committee is all about before committing.

What kind of boat will I be on?

Race committee work is usually conducted from powerboats.  You might be on the Charles Hathaway, a 34 foot trawler that is anchored during races, or you might zip around the bay on a 20 foot rubber mark-set boat.  You can make your preference know when you volunteer!

I'd love to help, but I get seasick.

We have just the job for you!  We need people to help with scoring the regatta - this job is based in the club and requires only good computer skills.

How long will I be on the water each day?

Typically we ask volunteers to report to the club between 9:30 and 10am.  You will leave the dock around 10:30am, and return around 4:30-5pm.  We provide lunch and drinks.  Once back on shore, we typically talk over the day at the dock (accompanied by food and drink!) and then partake in any after-race hospitality at the club.

Race committee is a really fun day on the water and a great way to meet other club members.  If you are an active racer, you'll also learn a lot by helping with race management!  For more information, contact Lori Haythorn (lori.haythorn@haythorn.org) or Rory Mach (rorymach@gmail.com).  Look over our regattas on the "Regattas" page of the CYC website.  Each regatta has its own webpage, if you are interested in helping with a particular regatta, feel free to contact the regatta chair directly.
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