Power Fleet

The CYC Power Fleet welcomes all members to all of our events. We sponsor activities both on and off the water, such as dinner-dances, dock parties, fishing tournaments, day cruises to local areas, and mariners' education.

Join us!


February 23 Mariner's Education
March 30 King Harbor - Spring Day Cruise
April 13 Spring Dance Dinner - Evening in Monaco 
May 4 Malibu Excursion
June 8 Dock Party
July 4 Firecracker Dinghy Cruise
July 24 Jr. Blind Fishing Cruise
August 10 King Harbor Yacht Club Cruise
September 7  Rainbow Harbor Cruise and Bar Crawl
September 21 Everything You Need To Know About Fishing In Santa Monica Bay 
September 22  95th Annual CYC Fishing Tournament 
October 5 Great Pacific Airshow Cruise
December 14 MdR Holiday Boat Parade - Dock Party


Contact the Power Fleet Chair, Brandon Fernald
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